Analisa Anthony

Analisa Anthony, Broker

Analisa is a Real Estate Expert with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. She is a Professional with recognized expertise in Property and Asset Management. Over the years she’s developed a keen eye for how to protect owner’s assets while maximizing the operating effectiveness of their portfolios. Analisa has the ability to provide owners with short and long-term business outlooks in the area of strategic planning, and future growth opportunities. As a leader in the industry she has the vision necessary to ensure that owners have proper operational support systems & controls, policies, and procedures needed to efficiently grow their portfolio; while maintaining the financial strength to sustain the ups and downs that come with investment properties.

For over twenty years, Analisa worked in the corporate sector for leading management companies, overseeing investment portfolios that exceed hundred million dollar marks. Analisa has also worked with an array of faith based organizations providing them with technical and operational support for their housing portfolios. Her career to date encompasses asset management, compliance monitoring, and the oversight of the day-to day operations of investment portfolios. Over the past 25 years she has been successfully meeting the goals and objectives of various property owners and corporate investors alike.

Analisa, a real estate investor herself, has accumulated a portfolio of property in the Bay Area and in several other states. She has successfully completed several acquisition rehabs of properties, many of which she currently owns. Her knowledge of the industry and hands on experience is second to none and is complimented by a Bachelors Degree in Business Leadership from Holy Names College.

BRE# 01240173