There is a lot of work involved in finding and successfully purchasing a home. Let LBL make the process efficient and fun!

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Get Pre-Approved for a home loan

Any time you want to place a bid on a house, it must be accompanied by a letter of Pre-Approval for financing. It can be really frustrating to find the home that you love, and then find yourself scrambling at the last minute trying to line up your financing before you can make an offer. Often times missing out or finding out that you can’t get financing for the amount you need, or finding out that you can afford much more of a house than you thought, and going back to the drawing board.

Although we have a thorough understanding the loan process and can technically originate loans, we do not. We believe its best that the loan originator and Real Estate Brokers are separate entities. Over the years we’ve found it is more beneficial to client as both operate as a check and balance to one another other. Most loan intuitions operate the same. You can get Pre-Approved through your bank as they already know you, or you can go into any bank and speak to a loan officer to obtain Pre-Approval. There are also Mortgage Brokers who we’ve found can provide more personalized attention because they are not guaranteed a stream of new clients like those at the banks.

What do you want out of a home?

Determine how much space you need, bedrooms, baths, square footage, etc. Then try and narrow d own particular neighborhoods. If you are new to the area, we are more than happy to assist you with this. Think long and hard about your particular lifestyle and values. Do you value being walking distance to shops and amenities, how about your commute, would you mind living further out if it means more space, these are the things you must weigh.

View Homes

Start browsing homes using our online search tool to get a feel for what’s available in your price range, and then begin to make the necessary concessions. Once you have established your criteria, sign up for our custom email service to receive an email alert anytime a new house that meets your criteria becomes available. You can also save homes for later review.  If there are any properties that you would like to view, you can select the “schedule showing” option where you can set a date and time for us to meet you at the property(s) for a private viewing.

You can also call us or send an email with any addresses of properties that you may have seen on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc. We will look into them, send you additional information about them, and arrange a private showing. (Any property that you find on another site should be available on our website, unless it is currently under contract with another buyer)

We’ll walk through the house with you, discussing pros and cons relative to your objectives; analyze the structural condition as well as possible cosmetic upgrades and remodeling considerations. With our extensive background in residential remodeling, we’ll help you budget for simple fixes or major remodels. We’ll also fight you tooth and nail to keep you from spending money on upgrades (things you like) that your future buyer will not appreciate nor reward you for upon re-sale. Everything is an investment!

Make an offer

Once you find a house or two that are offer candidates, we’ll obtain and provide you with the seller’s disclosure packet and all available reports for you to review. We will pull similar properties that have recently sold, analyze current market conditions and reports, and then help you determine a fair offering price.

Once you give us the go ahead, we will submit your offer then wait for news from the seller. They may accept, reject, or send a counteroffer; there may be a series of counter offers back and forth until we reach a mutual agreement. Once a seller has accepted your offer, we will guide you through the process of inspections, loan contingencies and other important details all the way until we close and you get your keys.

This process is all about you the client. You always have the final say and we will never pressure you to over-ride or compromise your needs, concerns and judgment. We will give you the best information available as well as our professional opinions and recommendations along the way.

REO’s and Short Sales

We have successfully represented buyers in both bank-owned foreclosed homes (REO) and short sale transactions.