Seller Services

Unlike big firms, we don’t have sales Quota’s that might pressure us to rush a transaction or push our clients to compromise their goals unnecessarily. Our careful attention to every step of the home sale process starts with our first visit to your home when we learn your goals and priorities and talk with you about strategies for securing the best possible price for your home under the current market conditions.

Sellers Articles


Your home has a unique story to tell, getting to know you and your home, while combining our street by street knowledge of our market areas with our experience seeing how a buyer is likely to weigh the pros and cons of your house, we determine what your house may sell for in today’s  challenging market. We play close attention to homes in your immediate neighborhood that are currently for sale and have recently sold.

Staging & Project Recommendations

We will play with different scenarios, for example, if you sell your home “as is” you can expect it sell for X amount of dollars, if we change out the carpet , paint, and show the house empty, we can expect a sales price of Y, upgrade baths, kitchen, stage, then we can expect your home to sell for Z. We know from first- hand experience what works and we:

• Recommend projects that we will be recognized and reward by today’s buyers

• Give you access to our network of trades people

• Supervise the work at no additional charge.

Attract Strong Buyers

We create a real Buzz about your home to capture the attention of agents and homebuyers. We develop a customized marketing to capitalize on your homes unique features and the unique wants and needs of your homes potential buyer demographic. Our marketing plan typically includes:

• Multiple Listing Service Placement/ Zillow/ Trulia/ Redfin/ Craigslist

• Online showcase/ Virtual Tours/ Photos/ Featured Property on our Website

Disclose! Disclose! Disclose!

A large source of potential liability for a seller is in the disclosure process. In addition to providing our sellers with all the required disclosure forms, we take extra steps to ensure are sellers are protected from liability. These steps include:

• Supplementary disclosure forms,

• General and specialized professional inspections

• Written narrative reports

• Thorough disclosure is our best defense against buyers who might try to renegotiate their purchase terms if their inspections turn up issues that our clients’ inspections did not.

Managing The Deal

After an offer is negotiated and accepted, we work tirelessly and enthusiastically to oversee the myriad details involved in keeping your transaction on track. Unlike large real estate offices that delegate this stage of the sale to a “transaction coordinator,” we stay personally involved in this all-important work. Why? A real estate transaction can fall through quite easily — for so many possible reasons. A back-office administrator does not have the skills or attention to anticipate — let alone prevent or resolve — an issue before it goes too far and kills the sale. As we’re managing the closing process, we deliver regular updates so you know exactly where the deal stands every step of the way.